In October of 2009, I was offered a chance to go on a fly fishing trip with other wounded Veterans of the War on Terror. After a life-changing week of fly fishing, healing and Brotherhood I decided that this is what I needed to focus on for myself as well as giving other Veterans the opportunity to experience the hope and healing that I had just experienced. In late 2013 my wife, a 25 years Air Force Veteran, and I started the beginnings of what would eventually become North Texas Patriot Anglers.  Helping other Veterans is as beneficial for me as a volunteer and Executive Director as it is for those healing through our program.  Our program is not simply about going fishing, it's about the camaraderie, spending time with other Veterans with the same needs, finding hope and motivation to move forward in the times ahead both for themselves and their families. North Texas Patriot Anglers is very active in fly fishing and fly tying with many outings and events throughout the year offering different opportunities to meet the needs of our Veterans. At the end of 2017 we will have taken over 500 of our Brothers and Sisters on fly fishing outings and we look forward to growing that number in the years to come.  We are dedicated to giving back and improving the quality of life for as many Veterans as possible by loving what we do and respecting those we serve. 

Lew Duckwall
Founder/Executive Directer