In Nov of 2002 I was wounded severely. Coming home Broken in mind, body and spirit I drifted aimlessly for a number of years afterwards. Finding happiness and comfort in nothing, even those that loved me, I did my best to destroy all that was good in my life. 
   In 2009 I was given a fly fishing excursion through the VA. Arriving in Idaho I was prepared for misery and unhappiness and yet, through the patience and kindness of others I found healing and calmness. The trip turned my life around. 
  In 2013 after much thought and planning my wife and and I started what would become North Texas Patriot Anglers. At the time it was a shot in the dark for us running the program and those participating in the program.
  Now almost 7 years later we have grown, reached out and helped countless ( over 1500 ) men and woman heal through the art of fly fishing and fly tying. We are an all volunteer organization with salaries for none but healing and self reflection for all. As a rule we treat each group with enthusiasm and vigor, and we recognize that each participant no matter length of service or locale they stood their post. This carries with them their own unique story and biography. By embracing the whole group while recognizing the individual we hope and strive to help build the healing process one story at a time. In the river and the natural beauty that surrounds us, we find and facilitate healing that can be found no where else! 

Lew Duckwall
Founder/Executive Directer