Lew Duckwall  -  Founder and Leader

Sean Riley  -  Assistant Executive Director
Bill Hodges  -  Assistant Executive Director

Nick Giorgio  -   Treasurer

Frank Brown  -  Legal Council

Johnny Walker  -  Director Lake Fork Veteran Activities

Jerry Walker  -  Co-Director Lake Fork Events

Marco Garcia  -  Assistant Director Lake Fork Events
Jason Leonard  -  Oklahoma Coordinator

Michelle Wilson  -  Director Female Activities

Rod Zuniga  -  Fly Time Director

Bill Alexander  -  Director of Counseling & Rehabiltation

Vinnie Ryan  -  Media Director

Linda King  -  Broken Bow Coordinator

Bobby Janecek  Director Shooting Sports

Bill Priest  Assistant Director Shooting Sports

Rob Watson - Director of Marketing

Carlos De Jesus - Director Veteran Services Toyota

Corporate Officers and Staff

North Texas Patriot Anglers
C/O Lew Duckwall

4251 FM-2181, Suite 230

P.O. Box 174
Corinth, Texas 76210

(972) 977-4234

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